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We provide sale and services for printers and laptops in Ahmedabad. In services, we do laptop repairing, computer repairing, printer repairing, etc. We offer maintenance contracts for printers and computers. We provide computer and laptop repairing service for almost all brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Apple, Acer, Microsoft, Razer, MSI, Samsung, Iball, Toshiba, Chromebook etc. And We offer printer repairing service for brands like Brother, Canon, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Panasonic, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, Samsung, Epson etc. We also service dot matrix printers.

We are also wholesaler and retailer of Laser and Inkjet printers, cartridges and its parts in Gujarat. Our products include Toner cartridge parts such as Drum, PCR roller, Wiper Blade, Doctor Blade, Toner powder, Compatible Cartridges, Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), Laser printer parts and Inkjet printer parts like fuser assay, maintenance kit, fuser Teflon sleeve, pressure roller, scanner assay, Format card, DC card, Engine controller PCB, pick up roller, separation pad, RD Assay, BDP Assay, Head Cable, Print Heads. In Plotter like Ink Tube Assy, Trailing Cable, Timing belt, Encoder Strip, Service station unit. These products are sourced from reliable vendors who are engaged in the manufacturing high performance and durable products.

Our products and Services

Display Problems/Errors, Keyboard Problems, Adapters issues, Battery issues, Heating issues, Fan issues, Touch Pad Problems, DVD Writer Repair, DVD Writer Replacements, Screen broken, Screen Replacements, Panel breakage & Repairs, Hinges Replacement, Sound issues, booting issues, Mother boards chip, level Service, Hard disk errors, Hard disk Replacements, RAM Up Gradation, Hard disk Up Gradation, Software related issues, Software installations.

  • Drum
  • Toner Powder
  • Pcr Roller
  • Magnet
  • Doctor Blade
  • Wiper Blade

We provide best quality toner powder and inks for various printer brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, Samsung, Panasonic, Ricoh, konica minolta, Epson, Lexmark and we provide best services for laser printer toner cartridge refilling, Inkjet printer cartridge refilling, laser and inkjet printer repairing service.

We offer high quality range of Continuous Ink Supply System for most of Inkjet Printers. As well as Ink Bottles for CISS and Inkjet Cartridge Refilling. We also offer high quality inks for inkjet printers of various brands such as HP, Brother, Canon, Samsung, Panasonic, Ricoh, konica minolta, Epson and Lexmark etc.

We offer parts for all types dot matrix printers like Carriage Units, Pulley Assembly, Printer heads etc.

We offer parts for all types of inkjet printers like Printer heads, Carriage Units, Head cables, Pickup rollers,etc.

  • Pressure Rollers
  • Fuser Teflon Sleeves
  • Fuser Drive Gears
  • Fuser Assembly
  • Teflon Sleeves
  • CCD Assembly
  • Printer Teflon Grease and more...

We offer compatible catrirdges for Laser printers.

Cartidge Parts, Inks and CISS

We offer inks and countineous ink supply system(CISS) of best quality for all type of Inkjet printers.

We are leading supplier and distributor of all types of Printer Cartridge spares.
Cartridge spares like Toner Powder, PCR Roller, Toner Drum, Doctor Blade, Wiper Blade, Magnet.
We have CISS and Inks for brother, canon, HP, Epson inkjet printers.
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Laptop & Computer Repairing/Service

We do laptop and computer repairing for almost all brands.

We provide laptop and computer repairing service for brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Apple, Acer, Microsoft, Razer, MSI, Samsung, Iball, Toshiba, Chromebook etc.
We also provide service for installing licensed softwares like OS installation, antivirus installation, MS office installation, Adobe software installation, etc.
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Printer Parts

We have all type of Inkjet Printers, DMP printers and Laser Printers Spares

Like Printer head, Fuser Assay, Head Cable, Pulley, Teflon, Lower roller, Carriage, etc.